BIO-Diverse supports education institutes and centres in planning and implementing environmental education projects for children, youth and adults. Our education projects explore biodiversity, inspire the audience about biodiversity issues and mediate a responsible use of natural resources. They are based on age-appropriate concepts and interactive elements. Education projects are addressed to an expert audience as well as to the general public.


Our target groups are:
  • Schools (primary and secondary level)
  • Environmental and nature education centres (i.e. in National and Nature parks or other protected areas)
  • Training schools, universities and universities of applied science
  • Other nonprofit organisations (foundations, associations etc.)
Our offer:


  • Partnership: in environmental education projects exploring biodiversity (i.e. citizen science, in co-work with researchers)
  • Information and data retrieval: selection of topics for education from the spectrum of biodiversity and sustainability



  • Environmental education: development of ideas, implementation and management of environmental education projects (i.e. citizen science, web portals, nature lessons); lectures, excursions, seminars and workshops
  • Public relations: designing of and writing texts for training and information materials, (print/online); advanced training for teachers and environmental educators; project dissemination activities (press work, social media)
  • Content management: for web portals and websites; text writing, editorial support of contents and professional moderation
    Specialist translations and implementation of projects: in German/English/Italian


Feel free to contact us. We will be glad to assist you.