BIO-Diverse supports enterprises of different branches (profit & non-profit) in their biodiversity projects (i.e. investigation, conservation, support and sustainable use of biodiversity). We help enterprises communicate effectively about biodiversity issues and on their own biodiversity projects.


Our target groups are:
  • Administrations of National and Nature parks or other protected areas
  • Landscape planning and ecology consultants, environmental consultantsEditorialoffices (print/online) of magazines, newspapers, blogs etc., publishing houses, advertising agencies
  • IT enterprises
  • Translation agencies
  • Companies operating in the agricultural sector
  • Nonprofit organisations (foundations, associations etc.)
  • Socially responsible companies taking responsibility for biodiversity


Our offer:


  • Biodiversity projects of enterprises: Planning, implementation and management of projects aimed to explore, protect and support biodiversity as well as to promote its sustainable use
  • Reports and assessments: i.e. species identification, biodiversity monitoring, biotope and species mapping, bioindication
  • Information and data retrieval: online/ offline



  • Communication projects: development of project ideas, implementation and management of communication projects about your activities regarding biodiversity; stakeholder dialogue
  • Public relations: for biodiversity and communication projects (print/online); press work and social media campaigns,designing of and writing texts for information materials
  • Content management for web portals and websites; editorial support of contents and professional moderation
  • Specialised text writing: texts, articles and publications on biodiversity issues (print/online)
  • Specialist translations: German/English/Italian


Feel free to contact us. We will be glad to assist you.