BIO-Diverse supports scientists in their biodiversity research and communication activities. 


Our target groups are:
  • Universities, natural history museums and collections, botanical and zoological gardens as well as other research institutes
  • Libraries und information centres
  • Public authorities (state, district, municipality etc.)
  • Other non profit organisations (foundations, associations etc.)


Our offer:


  • Partnership in national and international research projects
  • Reports and assessments: i.e. species identification, biodiversity monitoring, biotope and species mapping, bioindication
  • Information and data retrieval: online/offline


  • Communication projects: development of project ideas, implementation and management of projects (i.e. citizen science, web portals, stakeholder meetings)
  • Public relations: for biodiversity and communication projects, print/online; designing of and writing texts for information materials, scientific divulgation, tutorials for databases and web portals, press work and social media campaigns
  • Content management: for databases, web portals and websites; data entry, quality testing, ontology, text writing
  • Specialist translations: German/English/Italian


Feel free to contact us. We will be glad to assist you.