Dr Nicole Nöske

  • Diploma in Biology and PhD in Natural Sciences (Dr. rer. nat.) at the University of Göttingen (Germany)
  • Degree in Specialised Journalism (DFJS) from „Deutsche Fachjournalistenschule“, Berlin (Germany)
Work experience
  • Research: biodiversity research in the Mediterranean area and in South America,  mapping, species identification (lichens and plants, including bryophytes); biodiversity and education studies (interviews, surveys).
  • Scientific outreach and communication: author of scientific publications, research reports; public relations for projects (print/ online), information materials (brochures, flyers), text writing, editorial work, blogging, maintenance of websites, social media, conducting events and stakeholder engagement.
  • Information management: collaborator for several biological data bases and internet projects; research data and text entries, data and literature retrieval and analysis, translations, system tests (usability studies), user documentation and quality control.
  • Nature education & Education for Sustainable Development (ESD): environmental educator at primary and secondary schools, for out-of-school education and for events with adults; conception and writing of teaching materials.
  • Academic teaching: lecturer of botanical courses and excursions for biology and medical students.
  • Other experiences: project leader, fundraising, consulting, inter- and transdisciplinary teamwork and international work experience.

Research and internet projects
BRENDA, Erforsche Neophyten mit!, FörTax, LIAS, LIAS Light, Morph-D-Base, Research Unit 402 of DFG in Ecuador

Publications (Google Scholar, Research Gate)

German (mother tongue), English and Italian (professional working proficiency), Spanish (limited working proficiency), French and Russian (elementary proficiency)

Social Networks