Dr Nicole Nöske

  • Diploma in Biology and PhD in Natural Sciences (Dr. rer. nat.) at the University of Göttingen (Germany)
  • Degree in Specialised Journalism (DFJS) from „Deutsche Fachjournalistenschule“, Berlin (Germany)


Work experience
  • Research: biodiversity research in the Mediterranean area and in Andine South America; interdisciplinary and international teamwork.
  • Scientific outreach and communication: editorial work (print/ online), author of scientific publications and research reports, teaching and information materials (brochures, flyers) and social media.
  • Information management: collaborator for several biological data bases and internet projects; research data and text entries, data and literature retrieval and analysis, translations, system tests (usability studies), user documentation and quality control.
  • Nature education & Education for Sustainable Development: environmental educator at primary and secondary schools, for out-of-school education and for events with adults.
  • Academic teaching: lecturer of botanical courses and excursions for biology and medical students.
  • Other experiences: project management, fundraising, international work experience.




Research and internet projects
BRENDA, Erforsche Neophyten mit!, FOR 402, LIAS, LIAS Light, Morph-D-Base

Publications (Google Scholar)

German (mother tongue), English and Italian (professional working proficiency), Spanish (limited working proficiency), French and Russian (elementary proficiency)

Social Networks